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Pet Policy

Our dog, ShiFu

Boles Property Management is not the owner of the units that we rent out.  The owners of each individual property decide if animals are allowed.  As a result, animals are allowed at some, but not all, of the properties that we manage.  When allowed at a rental unit, there are many restrictions and rules with regard to animals.  Keeping an animal in a rental unit is not a decision that should be taken lightly, all of the issues should be carefully considered.  Often times, having an animal in a rental unit is not ideal for the animal or the renter.  In our personal lives, all of us here at BPM love animals; however, as landlords, animals often cause us significant problems due to additional management work-load and financial losses to our clients.  Due to the problems that often arrise from animals, our animal policy is somewhat restrictive.

Click the link below see BPM's animal policy/agreement as of April 13, 2016.  Please read all of it as there are many rules, restrictions and requirements:

Non-Standard Rental Provisions Animal Agreement (PDF download)

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